Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Between (revised)

Oil over acrylic, 23" x 23"
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A rework from this painting's earlier state (see April 4 post below.)  Also, a couple of drawing studies working out the gesture I wanted for the figure.

Study #1 for "Between"
Pencil and charcoal on bristol, 14" x 9"
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Study #2 for "Between"
Pencil and charcoal on bristol, 14" x 9"
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Gary L. Everest Paintings said...

Hi Don,
Wow! This is a wonderful painting. Wish I had a better vocabulary to express why exactly, but it really doesn't matter as it's what one feels, not necessarily what one says.
I believe that, every time I see this, a different emotion would sweep over me.
I'll stop trying to be literary and end by saying, congratulations, great work.

Sheila Vaughan said...

You are a painters' painter Don. I mean that as a big compliment and hope you take it that way. Flying off into the unknown, don't we all dream of that.

Don Gray said...

Gary--your comments are so rewarding to me--thank you! Your Harry Kent portrait is amazing.

Don Gray said...

I can't imagine a higher compliment. Thank you Sheila--I'm most honored that you would say that.

I guess we're all flying off into the unknown...whether we want to or not! :)

Kaylyn Munro said...

I have to agree with Sheila. The versatility you display makes me think of Winton Marsallibutlis or Yo Yo Ma. Both great musicians equally at home with Jazz Improv and with the best of the classical repertoire. Why do I think you all share the same basic discipline...practice, practice, practice?

Kaylyn Munro said...

oops..looks like I typed the code word into Marsallis!!

Don Gray said...

What a beautiful compliment, Kaylyn--thank you! I really love your fresh take on still life painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like this side of you Don. It makes me glad to be able to see the beauty in art that isn't the same genre as my work.

Teague said...

A very striking painting :)

Don Gray said...

Thanks for that, Mary. I've always been puzzled by those who seem to only like one type of art. It's a wide world of individual expression, and I love seeing all the variety.

Don Gray said...

Thanks a lot, Teague.