Monday, March 21, 2011

Small Window of Time

Acrylic on board, 23" x 23", 2011
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Ann-Marie Stillion said...

Congrats on the new blog. I am going through the same process over at Too many different kinds of work in one place makes it confusing for audiences sometimes.

Let's talk soon.

You are awesome.

Hattermad said...

Very cool works! Have to say your works which you term contemporary alongside your more traditional is an inspiration artistically and philosophically. I understand why you are dividing them up, though I enjoyed seeing them side by side, as they are in your mind and, what I must presume, in your studio (if you have a separate studio for each that must be a hard decision every morning!). As one who practices the same, seeing the look on some faces as they flip through a sketchbook or look at works, it does seem easier to catalog them separately.

This early in the morning I am struggling to think of other artists, though I know there are a few, whom jump back and forth between the two. I see no real separation creatively, though I do understand for some viewers of art the need for one.
Whatever you do, never commit to just one.

Deb said...

Hey, awesome Don! This is great. Now I'll have to sign up to get these posts too!
I'm thinking of starting a new blog, but not sure how to transition the folks from one to the other. I just want to start something different.

SamArtDog said...

Announcing the birth of a new blog on the Spring Equinox is perfect! I'm glad you'll have a separate venue for the more abstract work. You know I'm a fan, so I'd watch you paint the side of a barn or the yellow line down the middle of the road. Hey... I think you/I already have.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Ann-Marie. Hope you're well.

Don Gray said...

Thanks, Hattermad. I'm still going to post this stuff on the realist blog as well, because I'm stubborn. Just thought it would be good to gather it in one place as well, so viewers can see it as a body of work. Like you, I don't make big distinctions creatively, although the methodology is quite different. These works are process-driven, while the realist things tend to be more goal-oriented.

Nice to see your work and thanks for the encouragement.

Don Gray said...

Hi Deb--thanks a lot. Caught up a little with your blog. Glad to see you're well on the mend from the accident. Good luck with the new blog--forget the transition...just do it! :)

Don Gray said...

Sam, I didn't even realize it was the Equinox...well, probably deep down I knew, since I'm such an intuitive guy. :^)

Thanks for being so loyal. I'll remember you when I get a job with the highway striping crew.

Shirley Fachilla said...

I like seeing them all together though I'm very glad you'll continue to post them on artwest as well. Wouldn't want to miss one!
You seem to be doing some things here with acrylic that are hard if not impossible with oil. Really interesting.
And I like "Rising Spring" and "Small Window of Time" quite a lot by the way.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Fantastic Don - now we see them differently. They can be perceived as a "body of meaning" in themselves. There is an integrity and a searching there which is on another level. Glad you did this.

Don Gray said...

Hi Shirley--thanks for checking out my new blog and taking time to write. I appreciate your comments.

Don Gray said...

Thanks Sheila, so glad you feel that way. I was hoping the blog might make this direction more comprehensible to people.