Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rising Spring

Acrylic on paper, 22" x 30", 2011
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Randall David Tipton said...

Excellent Don! This seems to have less thought and more honest confusion. Very nice tension going on! The one up above, 'Afoot in the Garden' is wonderful too just as it is. I like it when there are more than one 'styles' in a single painting. Hockney used to do this a lot and they were so innovative and interesting.

Don Gray said...

Hi Randall--thanks! Yes, "honest confusion" is a great description! :^) So glad you respond to "Afoot in the Garden" as well. People forget that the artist is often as startled at what they produce as anyone else, and "Afoot" is one that I'm having to come to terms with. I've tried for years to integrate--or at least create a truce--between different styles in one painting.