Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Center Pivot 1

Oil on cradled board, 27" x 29"
$1900 plus $20 shipping in U.S.
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These recent works are variations on aerial landscapes.  Google Earth has made astronauts of us all.  I find it endlessly fascinating to float virtually over the globe, studying the natural organic forms of the earth's surface.  The relationship of macro to micro is inescapable:  viewed from above, a twining river fans out across a vast delta in perfect replica of the network of arteries running down my arm.  I'm especially intrigued by those points of intersection where we humans leave our mark, imposing our own geometry of patterns on the land. 

Although the forms in these paintings are abstracted and color is freely invented, their underlying structure  remains true to the actual places.  In other words:  I didn't make these designs up--they already exist in the world.

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